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Penguins Never Jump is a Dutch studio duo from Dordrecht, formed by Jacco Meijer and Less Howling. How the two characters met will always remain a mystery. All we know is that these two guys started to create some catchy Alternative Rock tunes quickly after they first met, resulting in the first official recording 'On Thin Ice'!

Jacco was forced by his parents to play classical piano. The rebel he was, he bought an acoustic guitar to piss them off (by the age of 40) and right before he met Less, he was on the road playing theater based, acoustic music. He gets his inspiration for the Penguins from The Cure and The Clash.

Less, hardcore punk and extreme metal enthusiast from birth, taught himself to play multiple instruments. After more than a decade of being busy recording several loud punk albums, he decided the time was right to take his innovative vision to a much higher level. He gets his inspiration for the Penguins from Placebo and Primus.

Obviously, their connection and how they melt their completely opposite musical backgrounds into the Penguins, is an even bigger mystery (mostly to them...). Maybe it's the climate change, or maybe they are just talented as fuck... Whatever causes it; the songs keep coming.

We're still not quite sure if the world is ready for such creative and innovative songwriting, but only time will tell. Until then, we invite you to step on thin ice and let the music support you as you visit places you've never been before! The penguins will conquer the world; from the icy lands of the South Pole 'til the melting caps of the North Pole and everything in between!